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Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, JAPAN
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Congress Secretariat

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Conflict of Interest

About COI Declaration

In accordance with the policies and procedures established by the COI Management Committee on Japan College of Rheumatology, first author of an abstract for JCR annual meeting must declare any financial or personal relationships that may pose conflicts of interest upon acceptance for presentation at annual meeting.

Please see if any of following 9 relationships that first author of an abstract may be in with companies or for-profit organizations currently, or in the past 3 year, is relevant to an abstract being submitted.

  • COI status declared through abstract submission will be printed as [Conflict of Interest : Yes (or No)]in JCR 2024 publication.
  • COI status also needs to be declared in the presentation slide or poster. Please refer to slide/poster format for COI declaration.

Slide/Poster Format (PPT)

  • Employment / Leadership position / Advisory role (1,000,000 yen or more)
  • Stock ownership or options (Profit of 1,000,000 yen or more / ownership of 5% or more of total shares)
  • Patent royalties/ licensing fees (1,000,000 yen or more)
  • Honoraria (e.g. lecture fees) (500,000 yen or more)
  • Fees for promotional materials (e.g. manuscript fee) (500,000 yen or more)
  • Consignment study without non-disclosure agreement (1,000,000 yen or more)
  • Scholarships (grants) (1,000,000 yen or more)
  • Belong to lecture or course financially maintained by private donations of company.
  • Others (e.g. trips, travel, or gifts, which are not related to research) (50, 000 yen or more)

    ※COI declaration procedures set forth for JCR annual meeting is different to that for manuscript submission for Modern Rheumatology.

Inquiry About COI

Japan College of Rheumatology (JCR)

Hamamatsu-cho Empress Bldg 3F, 2-9-6 Hamamatsu-cho,
Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, JAPAN
TEL: +81-3-6435-9761 FAX: +81-3-6435-9762

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